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How a Teacher Communicates Students’ Academic Expectations

How Can a Teacher Communicate Students' Academic Expectations

How a teacher communicates students’ academic expectations can make a difference to whether the classroom will be well-managed or if there will be a discipline problem.

It will also determine each student’s success in the curriculum they are learning that school year.

Below is a possible response to this teacher interview question. Imagine that you are in a teacher job interview and asked this question: How do you communicate students’ academic expectations?

At the beginning of the school year, I establish students’ expectations and determine and clearly communicate my own. When communicating my own expectations for the class, I include expectations about behavior, technology use, academics, and delivery methods.

Recognizing student achievement throughout the year is important to enforce they are doing a wonderful job. Praise given to students must be genuine and warranted.

High expectations mean setting high standards and academic goals. This also means setting realistic expectations for myself and my students. For example, I communicate my expectations for students to participate during class discussions and state that this doesn’t mean they have to speak with everyone.

To make sure that everyone in the classroom understands the academic expectations, I communicate them at the beginning of the year and remind my students of them, in a smaller context, at the beginning of each lesson. I involve students in forming a list of the major expectations that we have for the year.

This gets the students involved and makes them invested and accountable in their goals and objectives. It puts the expectations clear in students’ minds, so they know what is expected of them and where they need to get by the end of the year. Once we complete the list, I hang it in the classroom to be constantly reminded of our goals and expectations during the year.

You can’t force a student to learn, but you can provide excellence in teaching to motivate them using multiple methods.

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