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Effective Behavior Management Ideas to Use While Teaching

Effective Behavior Management Ideas to Use While Teaching

Most seasoned teachers will tell you that you won’t be successful without an effective behavior management plan.

Most first-time teachers enter the workforce bright-eyed and confident about their ability to affect young students’ lives. However, it is common for these teachers to quickly discover that the reality of teaching is different from what they imagined.  What they find is that some students are not lovely little angels.

Due to overcrowding and ineffective teaching methods, they have actually hardened youths who have seen way too much for their age and have long ago lost interest in learning.

Due to the discrepancy between a new teacher’s dreams and the reality that nearly 20% of new teachers ultimately leave the profession.  However, leaving the teaching profession is not the proper solution to the problems which these teachers face.  The real answer lies in establishing and maintaining a consistent plan of classroom management.

Many of the problems that new teachers face are a direct result of an inefficient classroom management plan.  By creating and implementing a strong classroom management plan, new teachers can avoid the numerous pitfalls that cause so many to leave their jobs.  Consider the following proven steps for classroom management success:

How to Get Students To Listen

You are more likely to encounter classroom management issues if you have a room full of students who are just staring off into space. To avoid this type of situation, create lessons that are aimed at grabbing your students’ attention. Get them involved in what is being taught.  The best way to do this is by getting to know the skills that your students possess. Allow these skills to dictate how and what you teach them. Catering to your students’ skills gives them a reason to listen and stay interested in the class.

Take Hold of the Reigns

The most important thing you need to remember is that you are in charge.  Do not give your students any of the power that you hold as the teacher.  Make sure they know who the boss is by dictating the rules and following them through. Whatever happens, resist the urge to negotiate.  Consulting with students gives them the impression that they have some level of power in the classroom. You want to avoid this at all costs.  Try initiating a type of reward program instead of negotiation.

Respect Your Students’ Individuality

You are much less likely to experience severe behavior issues if you understand and respect your students as individuals.  If you take the time and get to know your students, they will be more interested in pleasing you and less likely to misbehave.

Simple steps like greeting your students at the door, allowing them to express themselves through classwork, and showing an interest in their lives can be precious.  Also, getting to know your students can make your job as a teacher that much more rewarding.  Once you know your students, you will see the difference that you make in their lives.

As a first-time teacher, it is important to remember that you are not alone.

Every educator has to start somewhere. You will develop your class management skills as time goes on. Be patient, be persistent, remain passionate and you will ultimately achieve your education goals and become the teacher you have always wanted to be.

One of the most significant strengths a teacher must-have in the classroom is effective classroom management. This skill needs to be communicated properly in their resume and cover letter to secure an interview.