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Switching Careers from the Business Sector to the Education Field

switching careers from the business sector to the education field

Are you considering transitioning from the business sector to the education field? After a long stint in the business sector, some individuals want to pursue a new career in education.

This is often a mid-life career choice for people who want to do something “more rewarding” – this is what many of my clients say is the reason for making the career change. The definition of a rewarding career is different for everyone.

Pursuing a career in education doesn’t necessarily mean you will secure a teaching position in a college or university.

The education sector covers a lot of possible job opportunities, not necessarily in the classroom. Do you wish to start a career in school administration, education management, school counseling, or even training or mentoring teachers or instructors?

Factors to Consider When Making a Career Transition to Education

Assess Education Job Opportunities

Before you start pursuing your career goals in education, you need to familiarize yourself with your options. Check on career opportunities at local universities and colleges, and research online by visiting learning institutions’ websites, including private or public schools and higher education facilities.

Match Your Proficiency With the Position Requirement

Many skills required for business professions are transferable to the job requirements for careers within the education sector. It’s essential to assess your competencies and develop a marketing plan to convince the decision-makers you are a job candidate to interview and hire.

Evaluate your job competencies and interests to determine which type of positions you would be qualified for and enjoy doing. Enrolling in professional development courses will help make the career transition quicker. The transferable skills and accomplishments must be conveyed in your education resume, cover letter, and other job search documents.

Learn the Differences Between a Career in Education and One in Business

Working in the education sector is usually more “conservative” than some positions within the business world. Dress codes can sometimes be stricter, set hours, after-hours work creating lessons and marking, and how you present yourself both in and out of the learning institution. If you are used to a non-conventional setting, you may find adapting to this work style challenging.

Seek an outside opinion from those currently working in education. Some education professionals are receptive to sharing their views and personal insights with others planning to make a career change to teaching.

Always remain optimistic about your plans to change your career to education. Research, preparation, patience, persistence, and focused job search documents are critical components to success.