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Returning to College / University as a Stay-At-Home Mom or Dad

Returning to College / University as a Stay-At-Home Mom or Dad

Returning to college or university as a stay-at-home mom or dad will take time and effort. This may mean taking time away from your young family to attend classes.

The children and your partner will be forced to pick up the responsibilities that you previously carried out.

Consequently, this may force family members to cut down on some of their day-to-day activities to accommodate your absence. So even though there are definite benefits to you furthering your education, there are challenges that a stay-at-home mom or dad must contend with when deciding to return to class.

Indeed, going back to school is one thing that many stay-at-home moms and dads contemplate but keep putting off until a more opportune time.

For many people, this ideal time may take too long to come – it is either the children are too young, the finances for studies are not available, or there is not enough time available each day to dedicate to studies. So, when is the right time for mothers or fathers to make their way back to the classroom?

The reality is that there is no ideal time for stay-at-home moms or dads to go back to school. The circumstances will vary from one family to another.

Certain circumstances such as divorce, a job loss, or career aspirations will provide an added impetus to go back to class. Ultimately, it is up to each stay-at-home mom or dad to weigh what they want to achieve their current responsibilities and resources to see just when the right time to jump in is.

Enrolling in School

Stay-at-home moms or dads have concerns when enrolling in college. One key concern is fitting into the student body. The good thing, though, is that going to school does not necessarily mean sitting in a class with students who are barely 18 years old.

Nowadays, stay-at-home parents can enroll in programs geared towards mature students and include an e-learning component to allow them to study from home.

Research different schools to see the student body’s average age, the percentage of non-traditional students, etc.

Once you decide on the path you want to follow, you should take the time to research different schools to locate the program that best suits your circumstances.

Many colleges will allow you to talk to a career counselor where you can share your aspirations, and they can provide advice on just what courses will help you get to where you want to be career-wise.

Convenience is a major factor in decision-making. Some colleges even go to the extent of creating mid-morning classes structured around the time the kids are most likely at school.

Entering a career in education will require you to discover and communicate your transferable skills to land a teaching job.

If you’re considering going back to school after taking a hiatus to raise a family — congratulations!

When it’s time to jump back into the job search arena, be sure to contact Candace so you can brush up on your interviewing skills, resume, and cover letter.