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How to Simplify Entering a Career in Education Using Transferable Skills

how to simplify entering a career in education using transferable skills

One of the biggest challenges when entering a career in education is effectively conveying you have the ability and teaching skills needed to fill the role. The first step is writing a compelling resume to communicate relevant information about your background to show value.

Entering the education field may seem like an enormous task because you lack direct teaching experience. Simplify your entrance into education by using transferable skills to showcase the benefit you can bring to a learning facility.

Understanding the Importance of Identifying Education Transferable Skills

Organize your transferable skills into three categories: people, data, and equipment.

The category for people refers to your skills in communicating, teaching, supervising, and coaching. Data could be record-keeping, translating and evaluating data, researching, and compiling records. Lastly, the equipment category is about your skills in operating computers and other industry-related equipment, which would include repair and assembly.

Take the time to identify your transferable skills and evaluate your proficiencies regarding these core competencies. Convey these abilities to the school administrator or hiring representatives to show you have the core skills necessary to excel in your new teaching career. Highlighting your relevant transferable skills by providing examples to prove you have these skills will help demonstrate you are indeed qualified for a career in education.

If you showcase these skills in your resume, it can help the reader quickly identify what they are looking for before they preoccupy themselves with reading the entire contents of the resume.

Highlights of your transferable skills can be included in the list of your work qualifications summary. Start it with the phrase “highlights of related skills:” and create a bulleted list of all your identified transferable skills which you think will be highly valuable in a career in education.

Support your list of transferable skills with solid examples of how you could use them successfully in your previous work experience.

Uncover Relevant Career Accomplishments by Completing the Following Assignment

  • Identify the biggest challenges you faced in past work situations.
  • Determine what skills you used and the action you took to resolve these problems.
  • Dig deep and identify the results of your efforts and the skills used.
  • Have you ever trained colleagues?
  • Have you mentored any employees?
  • Have you held training sessions or managed a training program?
  • Did you make presentations to colleagues/superiors or in front of a group of people?

Through answering these questions, you can build your confidence concerning your transferable skills and career accomplishments. Use these discoveries to apply to your new career in the field of education in your resume and a job interview.

The results of uncovering your responses from the above statements can be used to write vital accomplishments to include in your resume’s job history section. Taking the time to identify your transferable skills can help convince potential school district representatives you have what is needed to do extremely well in your new career in education. Including your resume’s career achievements will help create a beneficial career change resume for your job search.

With the use of transferable skills, you will present yourself in an advantageous position where you can increase your chances of being hired and obtaining a career in education.

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