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Get Real Power!

What is the nature of power? How do we access power? When do we feel powerless? Is there a difference between real power and conventional power? Dwelling in these questions has in and of itself affected my life. When I ask these questions, I am filled with insights into my own internal and external motivations. It is my intention to share these insights here and to leave you knowing that you already have all that it takes to be authentically powerful!

It seems part of our confusion about power is in the different meanings we have for power and how we view power. So, “What is power”? The conventional view is typically expressed as control, authority, status or strength.

Power as authority? Most of our society is set up as such. We all know that just because someone has authority, it does not give them power. Climbing the ladder of success? This is the one I believe to be the most addictive, the attempt to find a suitable place for ourselves within a hierarchy or ranking system. Ranking or status can be based on wealth, prestige and physical attributes.

However, my definition of real power is this; Real power is about being able to transform results into a sustainable reality. It is also the capacity to translate your intention into reality. Webster’s definition which I also like…the ability to act or produce an effect. Conventional power has us react to life in fear; seeking control, force or status, hiding behind all the things we are not. The notion or belief in conventional power is in and of itself what holds you back from experiencing real power.

We have all experienced real power before. Some of us daily, some of us have moments at a time and others of us even less often. Take a moment and remember your last experience of real power. What were the qualities or circumstances of that experience?

Real power is identifiable by its absence of fear. Imagine the power of someone who is no longer ruled by fear, someone who is, therefore, immune to manipulation and control by others, someone who has moved to a new level of awareness. Imagine the quiet confidence and power of someone who is no longer addicted to the approval and affirmation of others, someone who is in touch with his or her real self. Imagine that this person is whole and complete even without their job, or their family or their status. Now imagine that this person with this quiet confidence, this person who no longer needs approval is you. Think about it, what would life be like? What could you do professionally? Now imagine what you could do in your whole life!

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