Is Your Education Resume Visually Appealing?

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As a Certified Resume Writer specializing in the education sector I come across a number of education resumes and cover letters. These documents would benefit greatly from being revised and enhanced. Why? Because in order to obtain a desirable teaching position, it is essential to lure a potential hiring committee with an eye-catching resume that stands out above the rest.

Here are some helpful hints:

The top third of the page, which can be referred to as the introduction, is critical. Within 20 seconds, the introduction must address what you can do to benefit the school district. Begin with a title, if appropriate, then use a summary or profile to illustrate your key strengths and core competencies. This section must be compelling enough to generate interest and convince the reader to read on. The summary is where you incorporate eye-grabbing keywords. This section is imperative to ensure your resume to be noticed by the human eye or the scanner.

Moving to the employment section of the resume If you are using a combination or chronological format, you will want to include a short, introductory paragraph to demonstrate the scope of the position and the skills necessary to perform the required duties.

Accomplishments for each position should be bulleted...this is very important since the reader's eye will be drawn to this area, scanning for noteworthy achievements. Many people often express they do not possess any accomplishments. I know different, everyone has made contributions to the school district in one way or another. Take a moment to brainstorm and list the various activities, projects, and events you have partaken in. Look over your list and decide which accomplishments are relevant and include them in your resume.

Here are some examples that may help get your creative juices flowing:

Always begin a bullet with a positive action word...and ensure that the bullet is concise. If you require more information or have any questions - Contact Candace at A+ Resumes for Teachers by clicking here or call toll-free 1-877-738-8052.


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