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Ready to start looking for your next teaching job

Not sure where to start looking for your next education job?

First, decide whether you want to remain teaching in the city/province or state where you are currently living and working, or if you would prefer to consider education opportunities on a national (or international!) scope. Often, career advancement within your particular certification may be limited if you restrict your search locally, so consider this as you plot out the next step of your career progression or lateral change.

For local searches, spend some time scanning the classified advertisements, but focus most of your attention on making a list of the school districts with whom you'd like to explore employment possibilities. Spend some time learning about each school district-web sites are a great place to start-and find out if you and your skills would be a good fit. If they are, identify the name of the person who would likely serve as your boss, then target your cover letter and resume to him/her.

For national or international searches, you can do the same thing as recommended above, with the added step of searching and or posting your resume on targeted web sites specific to teaching such as or if your job search is Canadian focused, try This extra step will give you broader exposure to both districts and recruiters. Check industry or trade journals, which list available employment opportunities.

Don't forget career fairs... make sure you dress professional, take plenty of application packets and ensure you have researched the districts you hope to have an interview with.

Finally, don't forget networking. Networking-connecting with family members, friends, colleagues, or even strangers at formal networking meetings-is actually the most successful way of finding a job. Remember that whole 'six degrees of separation' thing that was so popular a few years back? That's how networking works. Spread the word about your job search and you'll soon find out that so-and-so knows so-and-so who happens to work for ABC School District and might have the perfect job available. It really works, so give it a try!

Of course, you can't forget social media networking, which is so powerful for career advancement and job searching. For this reason, you will find a section on our wesite dedicated to social media channels and the benefits to your job search, writing social media profiles, how to use them effectively and many more relevant topics. Visit our social media networking section for more information

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