Applying for a Teaching Job Abroad? Create a Customized Resume

Passport required to teach overseas

Applying for a teaching job abroad differs significantly from applying for a job in the U.S. or Canada. Educators are often rejected when applying for teaching jobs abroad because they are unaware of the essential elements that are needed to apply for an international teaching job. This article discusses these specific elements.

To apply for a teaching job abroad, you typically need a completed application form, a professional resume, and an introduction letter.

While most teachers take the time to ensure that they have written a professional introduction letter and have completed their applications accurately, they often make the mistake of including a standard, American-style resume. Even if your U.S. or Canadian- style resume is perfect, it may be inappropriate for securing an interview for a job to teach abroad.

Educators need to understand that international recruiters are extremely busy and spend, at the most, one minute scanning a resume. If your resume is not in the proper format or does not address the specific needs of overseas schools, it may end up in the rejection file. Preparing a resume appropriate for a teaching job abroad is vital, and the following points are critical to writing this kind of resume.

It is evident that you need to write a different resume when you are applying for teaching jobs abroad. Moreover, many job seekers create a complete portfolio, which is a collection of the evidence that showcases your skills, experience, and knowledge in a visually appealing and organized manner. Seeking professional help from a resume writing service is also advised, as the staff  knows exactly what needs to be included in a resume for a teaching job abroad.


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