The Importance of Researching a School District

Teacher researching school district for job

Now that you have secured a job interview for that dream teaching job, what's next? You have picked out the appropriate attire, rehearsed answers to the interview questions you are anticipating in front of the mirror. Now you feel ready to face the interview committee. Wait! Are you really ready? Have you researched the school district and studied their educational mandate or district-wide goals and objectives?

Before embarking on that interview, you must take the time to research. Being equipped with the appropriate information can provide you with an edge over your competition and allow you to take control of the interview. Obtaining additional knowledge about the school district and its goals will allow you to answer questions about the district that you may be asked during the interview. (Remember, it is not unusual to be asked to describe what you know about the district and the educational mandate.) This knowledge will also help you create and ask relevant questions when provided with the opportunity to do so. Knowing the school district and the potential employer is as important as knowing exactly how you are going to answer specific questions.

Imagine that you are the recruiter: Wouldn't you find it frustrating to interview a potential educator who knows nothing about the school, its district, or its future goals?

Effectively researching a school district will help you determine whether your career goals and objectives fit within the directive of that district. Below are three questions that a professional educator should be able to answer before going to the interview:

Keep in mind that the purpose of an interview is to create a positive impression, highlight your talents and skills, and showcase your knowledge. It is also a time to exhibit your objectives, highlighting how your interests, goals, and personality will fit into the district's mandate.

Your interview is your only chance to provide a first-time positive impression; therefore, taking the additional time and effort to do a little homework by researching the school district will increase your chances of securing that coveted teaching position.

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