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The person who gets the job may not necessarily be the most qualified; he or she may simply be the one who knows HOW to get a job. You see successful interviewing is a skill or an art. Preparation is the key!

If I could give you one word of advice, it would be, "Be yourself." This is never more important than in the job hunting process. Examine your best attributes and think about HOW to sell yourself to the school district.

Research the school district and the school. I can't stress this enough. Find out as much as possible about their educational philosophy, key personnel (Principal, Secretary, Curriculum Development Supervisor, Superintendent, what current problems exist, any new curriculum initiatives, are parents involved, etc. If you can show the school that you can help solve their problems, you are that much closer to getting hired.

You may think some of these tips below are very basic, but it is amazing how many important details job seekers fail to use.

These interview tips can help you, but we recommend that you use our interview coaching service to truly see the results of being thoroughly prepared. If you require more information or have any questions - Contact Candace at A+ Resumes for Teachers by clicking here or call toll-free 1-877-738-8052.


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